Finding a reliable overnight courier service

Jul 25 2019

Today’s culture is very much rooted in the ‘here and now’. People know what they want and they want it immediately. When it comes to shipping their belongings or goods, the same thing holds true. Whether you’re a business looking to provide immaculate service for a client or an individual who just wants to get their iPad a day early – overnight shipping is important and now becoming a staple of doing business.

That being said – choosing who, precisely – will be delivering your package can be a challenge. That’s what we’re here to help explain today. Here is what you should be considering when you’re deciding on which overnight courier service to use. Let’s jump right in!


In general, courier services offer a premium service relative to your standard-issue national mail service. They have capabilities to track parcels, deliver them faster and have vehicles specifically designed to handle special and unique deliveries.

That being said – if they don’t have what you need, they won’t be of much value to you. You need to make sure you do your homework and find the right service for you. Certain couriers do certain things far better than their peers and part of choosing who to go with will entail learning who does what and what fits your specific needs. Courier services are NOT one size fits all.


Seems a little silly – but the chances are that if you’re using us – you really care a lot about whatever it is you’re getting delivered. What would happen if it got lost? What if it got damaged? What then

Good, reliable courier services should be insured to the teeth. If they don’t offer insurance or don’t offer a whole suite of protection assurances – then it’s time to go with someone else.


Part of delivering great service is a willingness to share in information and provide transparency. At the end of the day – that’s what tracking packages does for you. Especially when it’s something of extreme value, you need to know that you can check in on something when you need to. Any reputable courier service can and should offer this.

Making sure that you’re getting the efficiency you’re paying for should be a minimum requirement for any courier.


What people have to say matters and while we get it that online reviews can range from silly to ridiculous, there at least may be some reoccurring trends that you notice that can provide you with valuable insights as to how to work with that business. Again – not every business is for everyone, so learning through people’s bad experiences can be helpful.

While we wouldn’t advise your to base the entirety of your decision on reviews, they can certainly help bring into clearer focus the kinds of things that are important to you.


Kind of a big one, right? We know you probably know this but low cost doesn’t always mean the best value. Their low costs might be as a result of their cutting corners in certain aspects of their business – corners that profoundly impact the services they offer and the quality of service that they give to clients.

Take in all of these factors and then look for a fair price. Not a lower one.

Following this list should help you find the right courier service for you. If you are interested in using us or have questions about how Affordable Courier can help you, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!

How nonprofits benefit from courier services

Jul 07 2019

While everyone knows that businesses like grocery stores and retail are on the cutting edge of the delivery business, there is an industry that benefits from evolving methods of delivery just as much if not more – and that’s non-profits.

From relief supplies to direct mail and advocacy – a non-profit’s ability to communicate is essential to its day-to-day function. They also depend on mail more than just about anyone – as nonprofits make up 10% of mail volume with the USPS alone. Nonprofits are constantly delivering good, provisions and services to the communities they serve. United Way along works with almost 1,800 communities across the country and serves nearly 61 million people *per year.*

A pain point

When delivery isn’t running smoothly – it can be a monstrous pain point for non-profits. Not only to non-profits feel the pressure from donors and those they serve; they also face intense public scrutiny in terms of how they go about their business. With better and more reliable delivery – comes more efficient outreach to existing and potential donors and most importantly – more efficient use of precious, sometimes strained resources. For non-profit- every dollar counts.

Red Tape

Like we just mentioned – nonprofits are low on cash these days. In fact – according to recent reports, as few as 3 in 10 nonprofits have enough in their cash reserves to cover a month of expenses.

With this in mind – nonprofits usually find themselves dealing with complex deliveries that take time and cost a lot of money to deliver accurately. While eligible nonprofits enjoy reduced fees from the Post Office, not all nonprofits qualify and find themselves having to go through a multitude of time-consuming steps just to save a few bucks.

What nonprofits can do when delivery is seamless

When partnering with an affordable courier service, nonprofits can get to the communities they need to reach by focusing more on serving rather than dealing with detailed deliveries and penny-pinching. And speaking of pennies, it also means that the money saved can go to other initiatives in the organization where those resources could be better utilized. Especially when it comes to disaster and emergency relief nonprofits – they can achieve same day delivery and increase their response time when their help is needed the most.

To learn more about how Affordable Courier can help your nonprofit, give us a call today in order to set up a free consultation. We’ll help you spend less time managing delivery and more time delivering your services to the people who matter the most – your constituents. Good luck!

How courier services save you money

Jun 30 2019

Every business owner knows that money is time and time is money. Also – the overhead for running a business isn’t cheap! You have to hire people, pay rent, buy office supplies – everything that happens in that business is built, bought and paid for by you! Making matters even more complicated, business and technology is moving faster than ever – meaning every second counts and falling behind could result in serious losses.

One of the ways businesses are saving money and time is by using courier services. Here are some of the ways they’re using companies like ours and the ways in which you can leverage our services to add value to your business. Let’s jump right in!

Daily routes

From bank runs to mail drop offs – couriers provide customers with daily route service. That means no wondering if your employee will get from point A to B without distraction and on time. That means no more mileage, gas and toll reimbursement. That means some big time savings!

More specifically for businesses like medical companies; those with significant daily tasks can have cost-effective, personalized routes created specifically for them – catered exactly to their needs. That means daily routes that offer no surprise additional costs to you.

Guaranteed delivery

A businessman is as good as his word and making sure things get from A to B smoothly and effectively is just one of the ways we prove that. Couriers pick up and drop off without any hassle. You can track packages to their exact locations meaning that there’s no surprises about when a package is going to get from point A to B. In some cases you can even watch the package while it’s in route. And even if things get slowed down or one stop turns into two, you’ll pay what you agreed to pay at the very beginning.

Privacy is not a premium

Nearly every courier you’ll find is HIPAA, OSHA and DOT compliant. That means you won’t have to worry about confidentiality when you send correspondence or a package. Your time-sensitive, confidential information will arrive on time, safely and most importantly – confidentially.

The convenience of a courier service can save you and your company a lot of money and help you move faster than ever before. If you have a need for shipping services, give us a call today and we’ll happily put together a plan that suits your needs.

Five things to consider when choosing a local courier service

Jun 08 2019

Let’s face it – just as your business can’t do everything and certainly has it’s specific needs – courier services aren’t all created equal. Some companies do certain things better and worse than others. Choosing the right service for your specific business needs is important.

For those of you who decide to go local – you’ll want to choose a courier that reflects your own sense of efficiency and ultimately – the level of success you expect. Here are five things to keep in mind while making up your mind.



Selecting a courier service is the same as doing business with any other business or vendor. Reputation is everything and you’re ultimately judged on the company you keep. Late deliveries, faulty tracking systems – these are all things you should avoid. Read customer reviews. Previous customers can give you an idea of what it’s like to do business with that company and whether or not they’re the right fit for you.


You want to do business with couriers who do business above board and with a sense of transperancy. Is the pricing up front and easy to understand? DO they offer round the clock or real time updates? Transperancy ultimately leads to trust and ultimately, you want and need your business to be in good hands.


Of course your first concern is making sure your things get from point A to point B. But you also want to make sure a courier service is capable of filling in the gaps. Are your good secured? Are their drivers trained, background checked, certified and insured? Especially if you’re in the medical field, you’ll want to make sure drivers are HIPAA compliant because not only could that impact their business, it could negatively blow back on yours as well. Choosing a secure, dependable courier company will allow you to focus less on things going from point A to point B and more focused on growing your business.


Any courier service worth their salt should have same-day or on-demand delivery. Being able to pre-scheudle is nice – and certainly a stress reliever – but when you need something done now, then having a flexible courier service is worth its weight in gold.

On its face, this might seem a little redundant but the key to any positive business relationship is always communication. You should be able to communicate with your courier at all times without worry. That means from end to end of the delivery process and everything in between.

At Affordable Courier Service, we work hard to provide customers with reliable and professional courier services. If you’re in need of services or simply want to learn more about how we can help yours, give us a call today!

5 reasons to choose a courier service over a traditional carrier

May 31 2019

When you need to get something delivered quickly, most people don’t realize that they have options outside of UPS or FedEx. Using an Affordable Courier service can get your possessions from point A to B quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Using a courier service can help you skip the distribution centers and get your package precisely and directly to where it’s supposed to go. Here is a list of five reasons you should consider using a courier service for your local business deliveries. Let’s jump right in!

On-Time arrival

The great thing about courier service is that you can plan exactly when you want you package picked up and delivered. Not only is this convenient for you, but it will also lend credibility with your customers or clients when something is there exactly when you said it would be. You’ll have more control over your deliveries using a courier service.


When you need a delivery as soon as possible, same-day couriers can make sure you’re covered. More often than not, courier companies have a batch of cyclists out in a given city in addition to drivers who can handle virtually anything. That means your package will be delivered on time and as quickly as possible.


Perhaps the best advantage to employing a courier service is the control over the delivery that you have. If you need to make last minute changes, you can do that and not have to wait for a package to get sent to a local distribution center. Need to get your package re-routed? It won’t be an issue. Put in a quick call to dispatch and they’ll be able to get your package to where it needs to be. With some companies, you’ll even get the driver’s direct phone number so you can call them personally.


If you try same-day delivery through any of the major carriers, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. The reason for that is primarily in how they price, as major parcel carriers price out package weight and dimensions. Courier companies base their pricing off of distance. So if you need to get something from A to B quickly and affordably, a courier service is probably your answer.

Unusual delivery days

Some courier services can deliver on the weekends and holidays. So for example if a baker needs to get a cake to client on Sunday or a holiday – they can make sure it gets delivered by a same-day courier.

Courier services are all different, so be sure you ask the right questions to determine whether the one you’re talking to is the right one for your job. Hopefully this blog will help you make that process a little bit easier. Good luck!

Questions new customers should ask every courier service

May 21 2019

Hiring a local courier service can serve as a cost-effective alternative to your more big name carriers, especially when you need something delivered quickly and affordably. But chances are – you’re probably new to using our service and have questions as to how it works, what you should be looking for and the like.

Here are a few of the questions you should be thinking about asking when determining when and if to use a courier service. Let’s jump right in!

How reliable are your drivers?

Don’t think you’re going to be insulting anyone in our industry by asking us about our drivers. Frankly, they’re our lifeblood and we depend on them to provide our service the way it’s meant to be delivered. They’re fully insured and background checked. They look uniformed and professional. They’re also trained in things like HIPAA so that if you need to have important, confidential medical information sent, you can do that knowing your information is kept secure.

Be sure to check Google Ratings and other review sites as well. That’ll give you an idea not only of what kinds of drivers a company has – but also how good they are backing up their promises of good service.

What kinds of services do you offer?

Not all courier services are created equal. Some will offer a full suite of services ranging from 24/7 services to holiday drop off. Some will specialize in certain kinds of mail and package delivery and that specialization only. When you’re choosing a courier service, make sure you’re choosing one that suits your needs.

What kind of technology do you use?

A big part of the reason people choose courier services to begin with is to save money, time and gain a little added piece of mind. As such, part of that comes from convenience and being able to track your packages. Do they have live map tracking? Up to the minute ETA’s? Signature verifications? Online ordering? All of these are must haves in 2019 so be sure you ask.

What happens if something goes wrong?

As much as we wished everything went right all the time, there’s always a small chance something could go wrong. Be sure to ask companies what they do in the case of a delayed or lost package. Your belongings are important, so be sure whichever company you do business with you is prepared to handle a sticky situation should it arise.

Hopefully these questions will help you make your choice a little bit easier! Good look finding someone!

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