All about delivery management

In a day and age where speed and velocity matters in business; we’re always looking to improve our ability to service our customers as business owners. And regardless of your industry – if you can get your goods and deliveries out faster – you’ll be in a better spot to compete and keep up in an increasingly competitive market. 

How much of a difference does managing your ‘supply chain’ make? Well it almost guarantees that you’ll out-kick your own coverage. According to one study, 79% of businesses with efficient delivery service produce more revenue than their respective industry averages. Pretty wild, right? 

So today, we’re going to talk about a few of the things you can do to improve your delivery management process and hopefully generate more revenue for your business. Let’s jump right in.

Priorities, priorities

You can’t always send out everything all at once and as such – having a system that prioritizes orders is really important. Some businesses do this based on date and location, others come up with other parameters, but whatever the priorities are – just make sure you have them. Make sure you have an SOP document as well – so as new orders come rolling in, you can apply them to your chosen method. 

Leverage technology

Technology can come with an investment – but in the long haul, it’ll almost always pay off. Particularly when it comes to things like order details and processing, you’ll be able to automate these processes and eliminate any human error that might exist in the process. This helps reduce paperwork, makes it easier to manage clients and will also help eliminate a lot of wasted time. 

Finding a delivery management company

Even the most organized, most efficient businesses in the world can’t do it all and as such, you should give strong consideration to hiring a courier service to help you and your business out. When it comes to tackling volume or simply just trying to add more speed to your deliveries, courier services can prove to be a cost-effective alternative to not only managing your processes in-house, but also saving significantly on hiring costs – as you’ll essentially be outsourcing a lot of your work. 

Managing deliveries is one of the most complex, time consuming and important functions a business can grapple with. If you’re unsure of your ability to keep up or you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to running things in-house, reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!

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