All about white glove delivery service

White glove delivery service is a premium delivery service among premium delivery services. Not only is your package delivered to you directly, but it can be carried into your house and even unpackaged for you. In some cases, the delivery service might even offer assembly services as well! Even the cleanup of packaging materials is covered. 

White glove delivery is perfect for fragile and high-value deliveries that need the utmost care and attention. If you’re in the market for a white glove delivery service, here are some things for you to know. Let’s jump right in.

The pricing

This will be top of everyone’s mind. After all, the cost of delivery for anything these days isn’t cheap! And while you’d think that white glove delivery service would be substantially higher than standard delivery, you’re actually wrong. In fact, it’s not that much more costly. 

The cost of white glove delivery really comes down to location. If you live in a highly populated, urban setting, cost tends to be quite low. If you live in the middle of nowhere, well, you’ll certainly be paying more. Weight is also a factor. The heavier the load, the more expensive the service. Also, expect to pay more on the holidays and weekends. 

What questions to ask?

While white glove delivery has a ‘shtick’ so to speak, the reality is that every delivery is different, so you should be prepared to ask your courier service a few questions. 

  • How are delivery times scheduled?
  • What do you charge for weekends and evening deliveries?
  • What kind of add ons does your service offer?
  • Do you charge more for expedited shipping?
  • Are there any additional service fees I should be aware of?

Be persistent in asking your questions. Helping to get these questions answered will help improve communication between you and your courier service and ensure that you get the kind of delivery service that you’re looking for – and more importantly – paying for. 

How do you prepare for a white glove delivery?

While you’re paying for a premium service, there are some things you can do to make your delivery person’s job a little bit easier. If you have a lot of clutter near or around your door, make sure it’s cleared out before they arrive. If you need something assembled, make sure you vacuum out the area before you assemble it. If you have hardwood floors and worry about them being scratched, then make sure you use a drop cloth or thin sheet. This’ll help avoid any possible damage that may occur while the delivery person is unpacking for you. 

Now that you know more about white glove delivery services, it’s time for you to decide if they’re right for you! If you still feel like you’d like to learn more, give our office a call today! Until then, good luck!

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