Who uses courier services?

For many years, businesses tried to keep product distribution in-house and courier services weren’t considered to be a necessary ingredient to improving their business. Eventually, established businesses began to use courier services as a way to both lower the burden on internal staff and save a boatload of money and stress as well. 

Especially with tight deadlines compelling companies to outsource their shipping for more frequently, courier services have evolved into a foundational element of many different kinds of businesses in today’s go-go economy. But what are those that are the most common? How could they help your business? Those are the questions that we’re going to help answer today. 

Here are some of the most common businesses that courier services work with and why they’re so valuable to them. Let’s jump right in. 


This one is probably the biggest no-brainer on the list. If there is any industry where urgency and accuracy is the most important – it’s the healthcare industry. Being one of the most critical services in the world, they can’t afford for things to go wrong. Things like non-availability of medicines, late delivery of machines and kits simply can’t happen. So to avoid the hassle and worry – these companies frequently outsource delivery to couriers- many of whom are specially trained to handle healthcare-related deliveries. 

Manufacturing companies

In the manufacturing world it’s always about doing things faster, more precisely and doing both as cheaply as possible. Many manufacturers have learned to channel their limited resources into the production chain rather than worrying about the logistics of getting what they’re making from point-A to point-B. Without the hassle of deliveries – they’re able to focus entirely on what they do best and what’s most important for them to drive a profit. 


E-Commerce businesses have benefited immensely from hiring courier services. Without having to worry about stocking their warehouses, maintaining records of their products and tracking supply all falls to dedicated couriers and a more efficient staff. 

Taking your business to the next level means understanding that you can’t control and do everything on your own. You need help from a wide range of people and services to reach your goals. If you have important deliveries that need to be made quickly, consider adding a courier service to your quiver and focus on what you do best. Good luck!

Emerging trends in the courier service industry

Every industry has all sorts of crazy things happening these days – from technological advances to the total re-thinking of entire services that they currently offer. And truth be told, our industry is no different. 

Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the trends and tech that are emerging in the courier service world and how you’ll be able to take advantage of them in the not-too-distant future! Let’s jump right in!

Sustainable logistics systems

Sustainable fleets are becoming a real thing in today’s world. Everyone’s thinking about how they can reduce their impact on the environment and of course, we’re no different. Sustainable logistics consumes less energy and saves us a lot of money in terms of the cost to operate our fleet. We’re seeing an overall increase in the use of electric vehicles, bikes and scooters for individual parcels. 

Real-time visibility

Many courier companies now offer their customers the ability to keep an eye on their packages in real-time. Using GPS, customers can see precisely where their package is at and when – almost to the minute – their package will be delivered. Especially when it comes to high-priority deliveries, this gives customers a great deal of peace of mind. 

Last-mile transparency

The last mile is obviously the final step in the delivery process. Whenever you talk to a distributor or retailer – they’re usually the most nervous about the last mile of the trip – making sure the package gets to the correct person, the correct address and the like. Now courier companies are helping them solve those concerns by providing logistics, cross docking and other, efficient management software that ensures that there aren’t mistakes in the delivery process. 

Drone delivery

Drone delivery is nuts. We usually don’t get that casual around here, but it’s some pretty wild technology. Courier companies used to struggle to deliver goods to remote locations and city outskirts, meaning that their customer base would miss out on potential sales by not being able to deliver goods to those customers. Now with drones, all that is becoming possible and companies like Amazon are already testing models. Be on the look out for a drone delivery near you!

Delivery on-demand

In today’s ‘give me what I want now’ world – courier services are expanding past same-day delivery and are now moving to full-on hot shot, on-demand edelivery. This way, customers can be served almost instantly and things can get to where they need to go as quickly as possible. 

Courier companies are rapidly changing to meet the increasing demands of the global economy. Look for many of the things we discussed today to dominate the retail delivery industry in the years.

Why choosing the right courier service is so important

We all work under pressure, especially in such unique times such as these. What was that line from the movie Any Given Sunday? “Life’s a game of inches. An inch over here or over there, you don’t quite make it.” And in our business – and perhaps even yours – those inches are all around you. And they count. 

A delay or a missed delivery can cause lasting consequences for your company. We work under that pressure every day and today, that’s what we’re going to discuss. When you’re on a deadline for that make or break project or even someone’s life is on the line – are you prepared? Do you trust your courier service to deliver? Because not doing your homework can have consequences. We’re not usually this dark, but depending on your business, this is a significant decision and a lot is at stake. 

Here are some of the consequences of not doing your homework and ending up with an unreliable courier service. 


Pharmacies provide essential medications – both in emergency situations and long-term care situations. They supply hospitals as well as individual patients. Pharmacies can’t afford delays when someone’s health is on the line. If the courier service is late – or even wrong – it becomes impossible for the doctors to do their job. At best, that’s an inconvenience – at worst, possibly life-threatening. 


Whether it’s blood work for a patient or soil tests for an ecosystem, lab samples remain accurate for only a short period of time. They need to be rushed to the lab before the sample quality deteriorates. Delays because of poor courier service can degrade samples, produce inaccurate lab results – the consequences of which could be far-reaching; whether that’s exposing a community to toxins, illnesses or something worse. 


Not everyone lives in a world where courier services can save lives, but they sure can help you save business. Say you’ve spent hours on a bid for a project that could sustain your business for months – even years. Bids have cut-off times and dates. If you don’t get it there before the deadline, you’re out of luck and all that work means nothing. Why put something like that at risk – perhaps even the survival of your company – with a courier service that doesn’t get results?

At the end of the day – companies like ours have multi-check systems that guarantee on-time delivery with accuracy. We’re trusted by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Be sure that before you choose someone, you’re doing your homework – because not doing so as you can see above – can be indescribably costly. Be safe and choose wisely. Good luck!

How courier services can save the day

Same-day courier services are used for a variety of must-have parcel transportation needs. When you need something quickly, the transaction can be completed on time or a drop off can be made before a deadline. 

Some people like using this service simply because of its overall convenience, but in many situations, same-day courier services can literally save your bacon and bail you out of an immense jam. Here are just some of the ways same-day courier service can save the day.

Buying a house or property

It’s hard to imagine anything that quite resembles the quick start/hard-stop nature of real estate transactions. One minute you’re rushing to get signatures to paper and enter into contracts and the next minute, you’re waiting days and weeks for someone to put a stamp on one, single, solitary sheet of paper. 

That being said – the times when you’re on the go can be some of the most stressful. There might be a time when you need to sign a document and get it to a bank within hours. You might be at work, the dentist or a doctor and you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Perhaps you’re the attorney or real estate agent and you need a signature now, but you’re in court or have other matters to attend to.

Couriers can make sure these important documents get to where they need to be at the time they need to be there; and at least make an already stressful process a little less so. 

Legal documents

People need documents signed and notarized all the time. Could be divorce papers, terms of an employment contract or maybe something as straight-forward as setting up a partnership for a business. Especially if they’re time-sensitive documents, you can’t afford to have any delays. 

Couriers can meet you where you’re at in a given day and make sure that those documents are delivered on time and safely so that you can spend your precious time attending to other things without the worry of having to rush documents across town yourself. 

Registration and membership forms

Maybe you’ve moved to a new city. Maybe you’re working on a tight deadline to get your and your family hooked into a normal life. You;’re rushing parking permits, registering kids for school. You’re probably at a new job and don’t have the time off to be doing all the things that need to happen in order for you to transition into your new life as smoothly as possible. Couriers can help you more easily manage your busy life and get things to where they need to go. You can’t be everywhere, after all!

Courier services can’t solve all of your problems – but we can sure take the edge off. If you’re finding yourself in a pinch or in a place where you need something to get somewhere fast, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!

How to always know where your package is

Without a doubt – the biggest fear businesses face when shipping a package is that it’ll get lost. It’s one thing when it’s odds and ends and supplies – but when what’s being delivered is crucial to your businesses’ success – that in-between time between drop off and delivery can be stressful.

Fortunately – when you use a courier service, there are several services and benefits that will help give you some peace of mind. Here are some of those features and benefits and how they can help your business. Let’s jump right in!

Package tracking

Similar to the post office, we do offer standard-issue package tracking. You can see when a package gets to and from a certain drop off point and when it’s in transit. From the moment you place your order – we’ll assign a tracking number that gives you all the information you’ll need on the package and any special notes included (who signed for it, whether it was left at a front desk, etc).

Client notification

In addition to keeping you up to speed on where your package is, did you know couriers also give the recipients the heads up that it’s coming? When you drop off your package, we email the client, letting them know a package is en route. Particularly in the case of time-sensitive deliveries, we will stay in constant contact with the recipient until the package is in their hands. Once it is, you’ll both receive a proof of delivery via email.

Delivery driver tracker

Where courier services really differ from the post office – is that we allow you to track our driver. Yes – you’ll know where they are on the road, and have every detail of where they are in the process of delivering your package. Whether it’s cross-town or across state lines – you’ll be able to track them using your smart phone. Need something to get from Tampa Bay to Atlanta? You can pull up an app and see where they are on the highway.

At the end of the day – getting your goods to where they need to go is any courier’s first priority. If you’re looking to have more control over your deliveries give us a call and we’ll work you through our process. Good luck!

How to ship fragile packages

Not everything we ship in the mail is as easy as flopping something in an envelope or box and dropping it off or having it picked up. In fact, much of what we ship is fragile and breakable; and in many cases is quite valuable.

Fortunately, we have the good, old ‘fragile’ tag to warn delivery drivers that the contents of a particular package are delicate, right? Well, yes – and truth be told most delivery drivers will take utmost care in handling packages. Sometimes though – mistakes are made and simply trusting that your package will be handled correctly isn’t enough.

Here are some things that you can do to pack your fragile packages better – and as a result – further ensure that they’ll get to where they need to get to safe and sound. Let’s jump right in.

Do your research 

If you have a fragile package, be careful about who you choose to ship your package. The advantage a courier service will give you over traditional postal services is that you can track your package down to the minute; so particularly if your goods are fragile, you might benefit from the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be in the know.

Also – some courier companies specialize in hard-to-deliver, challenging or enhanced goods. While they may cost a little bit more (depending on what you’re shipping) – sometimes the extra few bucks for the extra piece of mind can go a long way.


There’s the old saying ‘you can control what you can control’ and you can control how well your package is packed. Choose quality shipping materials to make sure that your package is delivered safely. If you’re re-using a box, make sure it’s clean and strong. Don’t use boxes that are flimsy or weak. Take advantage of things like packaging peanuts, bubble wrap and packing paper. And of course – packing tape is a must. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t use the right adhesive when shipping a package. And of course – label which side is ‘up’ on your package.

If you have a fragile package and you’re looking to get it shipped, then give us a call today and we’ll walk you through the process. Hopefully following this advice will ensure happier, healthier and safer deliveries! Good luck!

Common myths about couriers

As eCommerce platforms become a growing staple of everyday businesses, many of those same businesses are outsourcing their shipping needs to courier companies. And just like any business-related decision, finding a reliable and qualified courier is a time consuming, sometimes arduous task.

And just like any industry, there are many common misconceptions about outsourcing delivery services; myths if you will. Today, we’re going to address a few of the myths in order to put your mind at ease and also help make your decision easier.

It’s more expensive

Saving money and trimming expenses is an ongoing, never ending battle for most small businesses and as such, using a courier will actually save you money, not cost you more. Usually, businesses rely on employees to do their deliveries for them. Depending on how busy they are, hours upon hours of work can add up – costing companies a pretty penny just to get things from point A to point B.

Using a courier simply streamlines the process and can save businesses a lot of money.

It slows down delivery time 

Delegating is another ongoing challenge for every business owner. Allowing others to do you work well and then do it the way you want it done isn’t easy. And hey – in some cases, micro-management might be the best way to go. Of course, these things all depend on your business and it’s specific needs.

That being said, it’s important to look at long-term savings and not just the sticker price of the initial delivery transaction. Couriers specialize in package delivery – and efficiency and being timely is what sets them apart. In the overwhelming number of cases, courier services will speed up your delivery, not slow it down.

It’s better for the brand that you handle it yourself

Long story, short – deliveries are an important part of any business, but delivering isn’t the time to be chatty with customers. There are thousands of other ways to show your customers that they matter than doesn’t require you or your team to make deliveries and engage them in that way and manner. The time is much better spent following up after a delivery has been made, making sure they are happy with their purchase, etc.

Drivers aren’t well trained

This is a huge myth. Couriers are trained extensively not only on how to properly handle packages and transporting them; but also with regards to thinks like HIPAA, and other regulatory procedures. Couriers are held to an extremely high standard and are certified professionals.

Hopefully, these tips will help make your decision a little bit easier. If you’re in the Tampa/St Petersburg area and are looking to outsource your delivery services, give us a call today and we’ll give you a free consultation. Good luck!

How to avoid costly mistakes when using a courier

As small business owners, we understand how frustrating it can be to pay more than you have to for something. In times like these, when every cent counts, it’s important to know how to avoid costly mistakes that could harm your business.

Unfortunately when it comes to courier services, some people make some of those same mistakes. Today, we’re going to talk about what some of those mistakes are and what you can do to avoid them. Let’s jump right in!

Choosing the wrong kind of service

Make sure you take the time to choose the right service! Give us a call and let us walk you through what we have to offer. A lot of people more or less blindly select options and then order when in reality, they’re over-paying relative to their needs. Courier services offer a lot of different options, so let them walk you through what they have so that you’re not over (or under) spending.

The wrong number

Many times, clients will have us pick up their package directly at a manufacturer’s worksite. Our drivers go to will call but if they don’t have the purchase order number, it gets difficult to find the package. Then our driver calls the office, we call the client, get the number, back to will call, etc. That’s all wasting time; time that will get billed.

So the solution is pretty simple: Make sure you always provide an identifying order number and make sure it’s accurate. And let us know via telephone and in writing. That way, there’s no wiggle room for mistakes.

Understanding policies and procedures

Make sure you go over rules, policies and procedures with your courier before signing on the dotted line. While it’s not something we do, there are couriers who have fees attached to a lot of different services and requests, so be sure you know what you’re signing up for. It’s just as much your responsibility as it is the courier’s to know what you’re getting yourself into – and if the courier doesn’t address their policies and procedures directly, you should bring it up yourself.

Not contact info

This might seem mind boggling when you’re in the delivery business; but you’d be surprised at how little contact info we’re given sometimes. Who is the package coming from? Who is it going to? Are we leaving it at the front desk? If so, how do we get ahold of them? Especially when you’re dealing with bigger businesses, it’s really important we have both the contact’s name and direct phone number so we can track them down quickly. In certain cases, it can turn into something akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

f we’re delivering something sensitive – these details need to be spelled out specifically. There can’t be margin for error.

Additional details

A lot of times, certain deliveries will have specific instructions not just of whom to deliver a package, but how it needs to be delivered. Maybe we need to go through a side door or out around back of the building, etc. If there’s some sort of trick we need to know in order to deliver your packages the right way – let us know! And again – this is doubly important when it’s a sensitive or rush delivery. Seconds count – so we need to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

At the end of the day, we all just want excellent service at a fair price. Avoid some of these mistakes, and we’re sure you’ll be very happy with your courier and enjoy many happy, successful deliveries. Good luck!

How to reduce your shipping costs

With the economy taking a hit due to COVID-19, business are finding themselves shipping more things than ever and having to tighten their belts a little bit in order to do it. Saving money isn’t just something that’s nice these days – it’s a necessity.

So to help you guys out a little bit, this week’s post is going to be all about that. Here are some ways you can save money shipping your packages. Let’s jump right in!

Re-use old boxes 

When you pay to ship something – you have the payment for shipping itself and then also the cost of the box to go with it. We recommend that you handle your boxes carefully so that you can reuse them in the future. Re-using packages will not only save you a ton of money shipping things to and fro, it’s also pretty great for the environment.

Does it really need to be a box? 

In the most brutal pun in the history of blogs, you will save a lot of money by… thinking outside the box. Sorry. We had to.

But seriously, not everything needs to go in a box. Not everything needs to go in a big box, too. There are plenty of ways to get things from here to there – from bubble padded mailers to custom envelopes. People mis-ship things all the time and spend a lot more money than they need to simply because they get lazy about the kind of packaging they use. Consider what you’re shipping before you ship it.

Don’t pay for packing materials unless you need to 

There’s no reason to buy lots of bubble wrap and the like. You have newspaper, excess wrapping paper – heck, save bubble wrap that people send to you – all at your disposal. Don’t waste needless dollars on newer packing materials unless you absolutely have to. Especially if you’re in a position where every cent counts – don’t go wasting it on packing materials.

Consider regional carriers and couriers 

There are a lot of regional companies like ours that might not have the national network of the post office or UPS, but can deliver your package quicker and safely for a lot less than the major carriers. To boot, you’ll be able to find a better price as these companies will work with you to both get and keep your business. And from a small businesses’ perspective – a little service can go a long ways towards building and keeping a long-term customer.

Ask about association discounts

Every profession and service has some sort of professional association and those associations have partnerships with various carriers, couriers and the like. If you find yourself needing to save a few bucks, this could be an outstanding resource – one that could even extend beyond helping you just save on shipping costs as these groups partner with all sorts of businesses who have services that can make yours better..

Hopefully, these tips will help it make it a little less expensive to get things from here to there. Good luck!

How to pack for international shipping

One of the many services companies like ours offer is international shipping. Whether it’s on this side of the globe or overseas, your package needs to go a long way and we’ll help you get it there.

But what do you need to do? How do you get your package ready and how can you be sure it’ll get there in one piece? Today’s blog is here to answer those questions for you. Here are the things you need to do in order to get your package ready to be shipped internationally. Let’s jump right in!

What to put the package in? 

Make sure you choose a sturdy, newer box for international mail. Your package is going a long way and longer journeys mean a higher chance something could happen to it, so make sure the package itself is built tough.

Go bigger and pack around your parcel 

Choose a box that’s a little bigger and be sure to line it with paper, packing chips or newspaper. Make sure there’s no leftover space for the item to move around while in transit. Again – this package is going a long way and you’ll want to make sure it’s packed snug in a tough box so that it gets to it’s destination in one piece.

Double packing for valuables

If what you’re shipping is valuable – such as jewelry – then you’re going to want to pack twice. That means putting the item in a box and then packing it in a second, tougher box in order to provide extra cushioning.

Pack documentation with the package

Be sure you have shipping paperwork on the outside of the package and place a spare set of customs documents on the inside of the package. If customs agents can’t find the proper documentation, they WILL open the package – and if anything happens – this just ensures that they’ll find it.

Remove any confusion

If there are old barcodes or anything that could get mistakenly scanned – make sure it’s removed. That way, there won’t be any suspicion or questions as to what needs to be scanned and looked at by customs agents.

Packing your goods is one of the most important aspects to shipping something internationally. It’ll pass through a whole swath of places – from conveyor belts to transport vehicles. But with a little extra care and though – you can ensure that your package arrives where it’s supposed to go on time – and most importantly – undamaged.