Courier Services and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is bound to impact every area of our economy sooner rather than later and our little corner of the universe here at Affordable Couriers will be no different. In fact, in many ways it’s already beginning to peek its head in the doors. 

Today, we’re going to keep it a little light (Or heavy if you think that AI may lead to the great rapture) – and talk about some of the pros and cons of AI in courier services and how they may impact you and your basic efforts to get your things from one place to the next. Let’s jump right in. 

AI benefits

Route Planning

AI is very good at creating streamlined routes from one place to the next. You even see this in your own GPS apps on your phone. Utilizing route planning software, couriers cna help program a list of delivery stops that’s not only fast – but is efficient in terms of both time and fuel consumption. 


Delivery inquiries, basic customer support and basic questions are all things that can be answered by AI – making a lot of lower level customer service more responsive and quick. It’s also less time on our part answering a lot of the same redundant questions. In many cases – you might even be able to have a route planned out, a package dropped off an delivered and not have to interact with another human.

Automated dispatch

Need to change a route? Modify delivery times? Add a stop? AI dispatch systems can both allocate and reallocate routes, deliveries and the like based on not only your wants and needs – but also off traffic patterns and accidents all in real time. This gets sent to the driver for faster maneuvers. 

AI cons


AI isn’t too savvy yet and sometimes what the ‘best’ or ‘most efficient’ route isn’t always what’s best for you. And let’s face it! Sometimes you just want to talk  to someone and not have to grapple with technology. 

Dependence on infrastructure 

So what happens when tech fails? Even in super tech savvy cities like the Tampa St Petersburg area – technology isn’t always dependable. Internet connectivity, technology infrastructure; not only do we need these things but many of the places we may be sending our things too might not have that kind of infrastructure we do. Secure areas, rural areas – long distance deliveries – they don’t always have what it takes to support AI. At least not yet. 


Look, people use us for a reason and many times it’s because there’s an urgent need. It’s not JUST that the product needs to get into their possession – it’s maybe an organ donation, medical delivery, court documents – something with real urgency and sensitivity attached to it. Human element preserves the empathy and care that some deliveries require in order for customers to feel like they’re being treated right. 

As you can see -there’s a lot to think about. If you find yourself needing to use a courier service in the St Petersburg/Tampa Bay area, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!

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