Courier Services/Logistics and emergencies

All businesses will face some sort of crisis over their lifetime and as such – it’s important that you’re prepared in the event that the worst happens. In our industry, it’s often due to stock shortage, supply change issues or deliveries where extreme care, precision and accuracy are needed (mostly when it comes to medical emergencies). 

While no, one emergency is the same, there are some tried and tested rules for prevention, some of which we’ll be sharing out today. Here’s some tips on how to prepare for a delivery or stock shortage emergency. Let’s jump right in!

Prepare in advance

The best way to avoid the worst is to minimize potential damage by having a plan in place in advance. That means having a strict, concise, precise plan in place of who’s to do what and when and in what order and to make sure that plan is shared with employees so everyone knows what to do. This will allow you to maintain the best possible control over the situation.

Put an emergency response team in place

You know the old saying about too many cooks in the kitchen and that may be true when it comes to delivery and supply chain emergencies. Perhaps the best strategy for you is to depend on a few folks on your team who handle crisis and adversity the best and keep them on call for those worst case scenarios. Maybe it’s your best delivery driver, your most dependable manager – whoever it is. And when something happens – they know what to do.

Identify the problem quickly and act decisively

Time is your currency when emergencies hit. Stay as up to date as you can. If it’s issues relating to stock and being let down last minute by a supplier – it might take a while for you to learn of it. But the quicker you can take action – the quicker the problem can be solved. 

Learn and adjust

No one wants to experience anything close to resembling a business emergency but they do happen! And as you go through them and experience them – be sure to take time once the dust has settled to reflect, identify what caused the issues, how your responded to it and what you can do in the future to not only prepare and prevent it from happening again, but also how you can more effectively respond to it. 

In the courier service business – we’re trained to be curveball hitters. If you are facing an emergency or need delivery services when it just can’t possibly wait – give us a call and we’ll be happy to come to the rescue. Until then, we hope you found today’s blog helpful and good luck!

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