Ever wonder what a business should ask a courier service?

The holiday season is upon us and before you know it – it’s going to be a brand new year and maybe – if you’re like many businesses out there – you might be ready to try something new.

Many companies will be employing courier services for the first time – and their goals will be wide ranging. However, when it comes to deciding who you’re going to go with – there are some core tennets to stick to – questions that every company should be able to answer. And it’s those answers that’ll help your final decision come into a little bit clearer focus. 

Today, we’re going to discuss a few questions you can ask a courier company when you’re searching for someone to deliver your products. Let’s jump right in!

What makes you unique?

Like we’ve said here in the past – not every courier service is created equal. Sometimes there can be a significant difference in the quality of service offered. Sometimes it can be in the scope of services offered. In some cases, certain courier services may have a genuine speciality service they focus on. Whatever it is – find out. Go with the one that best fits your unique needs. 

How big is your fleet?

To put it simply – the larger the fleet, the more likely you’re dealing with someone who has the means to get your goods from A to B quickly and efficiently. If the truck that’s delivering medical supplies breaks down – can they send out another to complete the delivery? During high volume shipping seasons (like now) will they have enough trucks to be able to deliver your goods in a timely manner? Companies can tell you a lot of things, but the size of their fleet genuinely matters. 

What kind of technology is at my disposal?

Talk to most courier service users and we’d be willing to bet one of the reasons they choose us over traditional methods is the level of control and access they have to the whereabouts of their deliveries. Whether it’s package tracking or same-day delivery – you can not only send things at a speed you want – but also have the ability to monitor it in real time. And at other times – it’s not so much about what the technology does, it’s what it says – and it says that they care enough about your experience to have these tools that make the service better. 

How their delivery couriers are trained

Depending on your industry – you can’t just have any old guy out there delivering your package. Especially when it comes to things like medical deliveries – you’ll want to know if the driver is certified in HIPPA, knows how to handle that kind of information, etc. After all, not everything is as easy as flopping a package in a truck and driving it to a destination. Timeliness and training are meaningful. 

Hopefully these questions will help you make a better decision when it comes to hiring a courier service. If you’re in the Tampa Bay, FL area, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you. Until then – good luck!

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