How advances in technology have impacted the courier service industry

As is the case with any industry, technology has changed a lot of things with respect to how people receive goods and products. Whether it’s delivered from a retail establishment, brick and mortar business or life changing lab samples, courier services are always changing. 

Here, today – the team at Affordable Couriers is taking a look at how technology has changed our business and how those changes have made life better for our customers. Let’s jump right in!


Back in the day, shipping anything was a ‘spray and pray’ proposition. You packed something up, shipped it and hopefully it got to wherever it was supposed to go. With today’s St Petersburg Courier service, you get the benefit of having some of the most sophisticated tracking technology anywhere. First it was rough estimates as to delivery dates and times – but now, you can track your deliveries to the minute and route. 

On the company side, this allows for greater productivity, logistics planning, predictability and most important – accountability. For customers, you’ll have the simple peace of mind that comes with knowing where things are and when. 


Back in the old days, drivers would pick up on local traffic reports and use their best judgement in terms of mapping routes for the day. Today – we have route planners that eliminate the guesswork and kick our efficiency up a notch. 

St Petersburg courier services live and die on information on things like constructions detours, traffic, accidents and any and all route planning information they can get. That way before we even leave the building, our customers are at an advantage – especially when it comes to certain medical deliveries where minutes and seconds count for everything. 

Here at Affordable Courier Services – we take pride in offering the best St Petersburg courier service in the area as well as the importance of keeping up with the times, changes and advances in our industry. If you are looking to ship your next package, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!

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