How courier rates are calculated

So let’s say you’re finally ready to bite the bullet and use a courier service. How does it work? How do you calculate rates? Today, we’re going to discuss that with you. While every courier service is a little different from the next – most stick to a fairly uniform pricing structure. 

Here are the four things that affect courier rates and what you can do to help mitigate cost a little bit. Let’s jump right in!

Weight of your delivery

This one you’re probably familiar with – especially if you’ve been to the post office. In fact, it’s probably the primary factor in determining a rate. The bigger the package, the more it’s going to cost. In certain specific cases – courier companies may also have a weight limit on what they’re willing to ship. This comes from wanting to look out for their drivers’ safety. If you’ve got a supersized delivery – you may want to explore other options such as shipping by a freight carrier. 


So believe it or not – the density of your package also factors in. More dense it is – the higher the price you’ll pay. Why? Because the more dense a particular package is – the more likely it is that said package will take up extended space in a delivery van or truck – limiting what they can transport. In essence, it’s paying for the space.


Goes without saying that the further a package has to go – the more resources need to be spent in order to get it to its destination. These resources include both fuel and man-power, but also requires a little more oversight and especially if the package is headed overseas or to another country – there could be more involved. Some courier services do relax a bit on this one however, so feel free to call around and compare prices company to company.

The type of service

Courier services come in a variety of forms – from standard door-to-door delivery to same-day and rush deliveries. The less urgent and the more lead time you give generally means you’ll pay a little less. If you’re looking for an urgent delivery or utilize an on-demand or same-day delivery service – it will cost a little bit more. 

Courier rates, as you can see – are impacted by a variety of factors. It’s essential to take these into account before making your decision. In the meantime – if you’re looking for a Tampa Courier Service, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out. Until then – good luck!

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