How nonprofits benefit from courier services

While everyone knows that businesses like grocery stores and retail are on the cutting edge of the delivery business, there is an industry that benefits from evolving methods of delivery just as much if not more – and that’s non-profits.

From relief supplies to direct mail and advocacy – a non-profit’s ability to communicate is essential to its day-to-day function. They also depend on mail more than just about anyone – as nonprofits make up 10% of mail volume with the USPS alone. Nonprofits are constantly delivering good, provisions and services to the communities they serve. United Way along works with almost 1,800 communities across the country and serves nearly 61 million people *per year.*

A pain point

When delivery isn’t running smoothly – it can be a monstrous pain point for non-profits. Not only to non-profits feel the pressure from donors and those they serve; they also face intense public scrutiny in terms of how they go about their business. With better and more reliable delivery – comes more efficient outreach to existing and potential donors and most importantly – more efficient use of precious, sometimes strained resources. For non-profit- every dollar counts.

Red Tape

Like we just mentioned – nonprofits are low on cash these days. In fact – according to recent reports, as few as 3 in 10 nonprofits have enough in their cash reserves to cover a month of expenses.

With this in mind – nonprofits usually find themselves dealing with complex deliveries that take time and cost a lot of money to deliver accurately. While eligible nonprofits enjoy reduced fees from the Post Office, not all nonprofits qualify and find themselves having to go through a multitude of time-consuming steps just to save a few bucks.

What nonprofits can do when delivery is seamless

When partnering with an affordable courier service, nonprofits can get to the communities they need to reach by focusing more on serving rather than dealing with detailed deliveries and penny-pinching. And speaking of pennies, it also means that the money saved can go to other initiatives in the organization where those resources could be better utilized. Especially when it comes to disaster and emergency relief nonprofits – they can achieve same day delivery and increase their response time when their help is needed the most.

To learn more about how Affordable Courier can help your nonprofit, give us a call today in order to set up a free consultation. We’ll help you spend less time managing delivery and more time delivering your services to the people who matter the most – your constituents. Good luck!

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