How to choose a medical courier service provider

As a medical service provider, we know you have plenty to worry about. From patient care and staffing, to procedures, fiscal plans and the like – there are a myriad of challenges that face our healthcare providers. And when someone’s health is at stake, the last thing you want to worry about is a delivery not being made either on time or properly. 

Choosing the right courier service is important; but for some medical service providers, it’s hard to know where to start. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the things you need when trying to decide what service provider to go with. Let’s jump right in. 

HIPAA Compliance

This should go without saying, but HIPAA enforces strict rules and regulations regarding protected healthcare information. Communication with any delivery company should be handled carefully in order to make sure that someone’s information isn’t compromised. Violating these rules can result in fines and even prosecution, so make sure that any delivery service you choose is HIPAA compliant. 

Reliable and on-time

While we don’t mean to be dark, here – receiving a delivery can sometimes mean life or death in the healthcare world. Urgent, detail oriented and punctual delivery is critical. Any courier service that you choose should have the ability for you to monitor delivery in real time, so that you know exactly where and when your delivery is and will take place. In addition, they should be able to demonstrate a proven track record of being on-time and on the mark. If they can’t paint a picture of reliability for you, they should be immediately crossed off the list. 

Proper equipment

Medical deliveries aren’t like other deliveries. Sometimes certain things need to be kept at a certain temperature, packed in a specific way and delivered with a certain level of care. Having the right equipment is essential to both the success and safety of your delivery. Make sure you ask a potential delivery company about the equipment they have and whether they’re ready and able to handle the kinds of deliveries you need. 

A proven track record

Not all courier service providers are the same. Some excel in some areas and not as much in others. Make sure whoever you go with has an extended, proven track record of handling healthcare providers and perhaps even specializes in your industry. One poor delivery can have dangerous consequences and you can’t afford to roll the dice. 

Hopefully these tips will help your decision of who to go with come into a little bit clearer focus. There are many moving parts to medical transportation and handling things the right way up front can make a big difference. If you need help or guidance, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Good luck!

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