How to pack for international shipping

One of the many services companies like ours offer is international shipping. Whether it’s on this side of the globe or overseas, your package needs to go a long way and we’ll help you get it there.

But what do you need to do? How do you get your package ready and how can you be sure it’ll get there in one piece? Today’s blog is here to answer those questions for you. Here are the things you need to do in order to get your package ready to be shipped internationally. Let’s jump right in!

What to put the package in? 

Make sure you choose a sturdy, newer box for international mail. Your package is going a long way and longer journeys mean a higher chance something could happen to it, so make sure the package itself is built tough.

Go bigger and pack around your parcel 

Choose a box that’s a little bigger and be sure to line it with paper, packing chips or newspaper. Make sure there’s no leftover space for the item to move around while in transit. Again – this package is going a long way and you’ll want to make sure it’s packed snug in a tough box so that it gets to it’s destination in one piece.

Double packing for valuables

If what you’re shipping is valuable – such as jewelry – then you’re going to want to pack twice. That means putting the item in a box and then packing it in a second, tougher box in order to provide extra cushioning.

Pack documentation with the package

Be sure you have shipping paperwork on the outside of the package and place a spare set of customs documents on the inside of the package. If customs agents can’t find the proper documentation, they WILL open the package – and if anything happens – this just ensures that they’ll find it.

Remove any confusion

If there are old barcodes or anything that could get mistakenly scanned – make sure it’s removed. That way, there won’t be any suspicion or questions as to what needs to be scanned and looked at by customs agents.

Packing your goods is one of the most important aspects to shipping something internationally. It’ll pass through a whole swath of places – from conveyor belts to transport vehicles. But with a little extra care and though – you can ensure that your package arrives where it’s supposed to go on time – and most importantly – undamaged.

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