How to ship fragile packages

Not everything we ship in the mail is as easy as flopping something in an envelope or box and dropping it off or having it picked up. In fact, much of what we ship is fragile and breakable; and in many cases is quite valuable.

Fortunately, we have the good, old ‘fragile’ tag to warn delivery drivers that the contents of a particular package are delicate, right? Well, yes – and truth be told most delivery drivers will take utmost care in handling packages. Sometimes though – mistakes are made and simply trusting that your package will be handled correctly isn’t enough.

Here are some things that you can do to pack your fragile packages better – and as a result – further ensure that they’ll get to where they need to get to safe and sound. Let’s jump right in.

Do your research 

If you have a fragile package, be careful about who you choose to ship your package. The advantage a courier service will give you over traditional postal services is that you can track your package down to the minute; so particularly if your goods are fragile, you might benefit from the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be in the know.

Also – some courier companies specialize in hard-to-deliver, challenging or enhanced goods. While they may cost a little bit more (depending on what you’re shipping) – sometimes the extra few bucks for the extra piece of mind can go a long way.


There’s the old saying ‘you can control what you can control’ and you can control how well your package is packed. Choose quality shipping materials to make sure that your package is delivered safely. If you’re re-using a box, make sure it’s clean and strong. Don’t use boxes that are flimsy or weak. Take advantage of things like packaging peanuts, bubble wrap and packing paper. And of course – packing tape is a must. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t use the right adhesive when shipping a package. And of course – label which side is ‘up’ on your package.

If you have a fragile package and you’re looking to get it shipped, then give us a call today and we’ll walk you through the process. Hopefully following this advice will ensure happier, healthier and safer deliveries! Good luck!

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