Red flags to be aware of when looking for a courier service

Simply put – dependability is everything in modern day business. That’s especially true when it comes to our line of work. If you’re out there looking to hire a courier service for your needs than you’re in luck – there are some fantastic companies out there. That being said – knowing what to avoid is sometimes just as useful as knowing what to look for when you’re going through something the first time. Avoiding those issues – or red flags – is what we’re here to discuss today.

Here are some of the major red flags to look at when you’re choosing a courier service. Let’s jump right in!

No tracking options

In today’s world, you should have unfettered access to parcel tracking. No questions asked. Companies that hide tracking options might be doing so for unscrupulous reasons, so be wary. You should know where your package is at all times – particularly if you’re in a high risk industry. If they can’t allow you to track your package, go elsewhere.

Drivers not in uniform

Seems a little old school – but simply put, if your drivers aren’t in uniform, how can you be sure you’re handing your delivery to the right person? Anyone could tell you they work for a courier, but without uniforms or ID, there’s no way for you to know for sure. And with the sensitivity and value of your goods, you want to know you’re working with a company you can trust.

No insurance

If the company doesn’t offer insurance, then they’re leaving your delivery up to chance. You – by all means – are entitled to NOT take insurance – but you should always ask if they have it as a sign that they can cover things in the event something does goes bad. This way if you use the insurance – you can get your money back.

Poor history

Always read the reviews of courier service companies. If they’re bad – then that should tell you everything you need to know. But the major thing you’ll want to look out for is lost packages. If you’re noticing that comment a lot in reviews, then this isn’t a reliable company to work with.


Hopefully these tips will help you determine which courier service to go with. Sure –it’s not the most positive list – but sometimes knowing what NOT to do is almost as important was what to do. Until then, good luck in your search!

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