Safely receiving packages in a very pandemic holiday season

Thanks to COVID-19, this whole year has been different. And the holidays? Well, with pandemic numbers creeping up again, our favorite time of year will most certainly be different as well. Making sure we adapt to this world (for now) is important though – and as is the case with many folks, safety is front of mind this year over convenience. 

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the things you can do when you ship your holiday packages – so that you and your loved ones can rest a little bit easier. Let’s jump right in. 

Have a safe zone for deliveries

Just like we’re sure you’ve done with food deliveries and the like – carve out a ‘drop zone’ of sorts for any deliveries. Delivery drivers will appreciate your taking the time to do this and it can include virtually anything – a drop box, a mat outside your home’s entrance, anything, really. By doing this, you’ll minimize face-to-face with other people and if you’re someone who sanitizes your packages – you’ll have a place where you can do that. 

Sanitizing package – yes or no?

We’d recommend that you take the precaution and use a simple disinfectant wipe on anything you bring into your home. And we get it – it definitely feels a little lame and your carrier will probably disinfect the package on their own without you having to do it, too; but it takes an extra minute of your time. It definitely seems like overkill and sure feels like it, but if you’re older, you’re probably better off safe than sorry. Just take the extra minute, and give it a quick wipe down.

Have a designated place for mail (and other things) inside your home

Whether it’s packages, delivery or groceries, it’s good to have a ‘landing pad’ of sorts inside where you can place things. That way you’ll have a place to wipe down anything you bring indoors. And of course – always make sure you wash your hands as soon as you’re done opening and disposing of any and all packing materials. The more you have an established plan as to how to fight COVID-19 and prevent it from spreading – the better for you and your family. 

Understand that we understand

This whole pandemic has taken a lot out of us. LIterally and figuratively. It’s changed a lot of how we do things. Staying home and doing your shopping online is the best way to go. And we’ll do everything and are doing everything we can to make sure deliveries are safe. Drivers are trained, safety measures are implemented and everyone is trying to do things in the safest way possible. 

Hopefully, these will help take your mind off everything a little bit this holiday season so you can get down to what matters most – and that’s spending time with your loved ones. Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season, everyone!

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