Shipping fragile and temperature-sensitive items in the summer time

On a level we always deal with it here as a Tampa courier service, but delivering packages in the summer or summer-like weather can bring with it some risks. Particularly when you’re talking about fragile deliveries, medical deliveries and the like – there is actually a significant risk that something might get damaged. 

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the things you can do to make sure that your summer delivery gets to where it needs to go as smoothly as possible. Let’s jump right in. 

Pack your items in a controlled environment

Things like class and medical deliveries can get damaged depending on the temperature. One of the best things you can do to protect both is to package them in climate controlled environments. This way, they don’t have immediate exposure to any potentially harmful extreme temperatures. 

Ice packs and dry ice

Particularly if you’re in the medical field – use ice packs and dry ice to keep any important parcels cool. They should be placed both underneath and over the item you’re planning on shipping. Just be sure that if it is dry ice that you’re using that you follow any and all safety protocols while packing. 

Insulate your packages

Insulated boxes, bubble wraps and air filters are all ways that you can keep temperatures inside a package more stable. They’re also a great way to make sure that whatever is inside isn’t moving around too much. The more loosely an item is packed, the more likely it is to get broken. 

When it doubt – use a cooler

If you’re shipping food or any other perishable items, then we recommend that you don’t mess around. Just purchase a cooler – styrofoam or otherwise – this can help to keep your items cool and fresh while in transit. Risking leaving them to open air can leave you open to risks. 

If you’re planning to ship anything perishable, or biotech related, heat can be an extreme hazard. Packing items like this can avoid a whole host of issues ranging from damage, meltdown and leaks. The next time you have to ship a package in the summer, we hope you’ll keep some of today’s tips in mind. Good luck!

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