Shipping packages during the holiday season

A lot of people would have figured  that once the global pandemic cooled, that shipping numbers and online shopping might have dipped a little bit-  but that’s been anything but the case. More packages will be getting shipped this holiday season than ever before.

Today, we’re going to share some tips for efficiently getting your packages from here to there. You’ll have to keep deadlines and be aware of some challenges you might face this year. But don’t fret – stick to these tips and you’ll get your things to where they need to be in time for the holidays. Let’s jump right in!

Get on things early and identify deadlines

It’s getting harder an harder to procrastinate with your holiday shopping. be on the ball! With global supply chains still feeling the after effects of the pandemic, there will be limited supply for things -meaning if you’re no in on the initial rush, you might miss out.

Second, because of the sheer volume of packages moving this season – you’ll want to make sure you get an idea on when deadlines are for shipping. Slower supply chains mean there will be fewer things, but said fewer things will also ship slower – so don’t wait until the last minute.

Think outside the box. Literally.

Don’t rely on just the UPS and US postal service. Especially if the things you’re shipping are going to be local, go with a courier. You can avoid some of the volume the previous two will experience and you’ll have a little more control over where things get to. Don’t get TOO excited, courier services will be backed up as well – but not as badly.

Package for safety

Whatever you decide to ship this season, make sure you ship it safely. Take the time to pack it properly. With the kind of volume mail services are going to be experiencing this year, you might not get what we’d call white glove service – which means there’s a higher likelihood that something might go wrong. If it’s fragile – pack it properly. If it needs to be facing a certain way – make sure that when you pack it up there’s all sorts of indicators as to how the package should be handled. Don’t let something lousy happen because you were in a rush.


The holiday season is always a gauntlet – but if you get out ahead of things and make sure you do things the right way up front – you should have a smooth, happy holidays. And as always, if you need help – all you need to do is give us a call. Happy holidays and good luck!

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