Shipping tips for the holidays

December is coming up and that means the holiday season is upon us! That means presents – and when we’re talking presents – we’re talking shipping. In fact, there’s as much mail in December as there is in every other month of the year combined. It’s safe to say – shipping concerns are a big part of the holiday season.

And when it comes to making sure those who matter the most get their gifts on time, you need the peace of mind to know that those items will get there. Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about the holiday season, courier services and how you can leverage both to make your holiday season run a little more smoothly this year. Let’s jump right in.

Send out your gifts early

Make sure you get on your holiday shopping early – particularly if you’re looking to get gifts shipped. Even though we can accommodate some later dates – workload is often high and anything out past December 20th is going to be a push to arrive on time – no matter if you’re dealing with us, the USPS or anyone simply due to the sheer volume of jobs. Get your shopping done early and plan ahead.

Make a list of what you’re planning on sending

Plan ahead and try to figure out what you know you’ll need to ship. Once you’ve done that, prioritize purchasing those items first and make sure you’ve got a plan to get them to where they need to go. That will also make arranging collection of the packages that much easier as well, will assist you in finding a courier who would be best fit to ship that package and of course – the always reassuring calm feeling of knowing that your package will get to where it needs to go worry-free.

Look for deals

Courier services like ours are always running shipping deals during the holiday season, so keep your eyes peeled for what’s out there. For some, the holiday season can be a real budget buster, so if companies like ours offer a deal that can take the edge off, you should absolutely take advantage of it.

Yeah, you might want to consider insurance

Particularly if your gift is valuable – you’ll want to make sure you purchase insurance. We’re not perfect. The USPS isn’t perfect. Santa isn’t either. And with all of the traffic that all three are bound to get, it’s best to give yourself the little added reassurance that if the worst does go wrong, you’re covered. During other times of the year, you can absolutely get away with ignoring insurance options – but not during December.

All the little things

As is the case with anything in life, be sure you remember all the little things. Know your shipping deadlines in advance. Don’t cheap on packing materials and make sure your gift is secure and packed for safety. Pay attention to the box. Don’t send it in something that’s falling apart. It might all seem rudimentary, but all these things add up and increase your chances of a very worry-free holiday shipping season.

We hope these tips help as you look to send your gifts off this holiday season. Enjoy your loved ones and the time off! You earned it! And if you’re looking to get your gifts to where they need to go – give us a call! Happy holidays!

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