Shipping your fragile items part-2

So we didn’t intend for this to be a series, but after reading over our ‘how to pack fragile items’ blog a few weeks ago, we wanted to circle back around to throw in a few extra tips because we felt like we missed a few. 

Like we said then, and we’ll say again now – shipping fragile items can be stressful and if not done properly can be expensive when something goes wrong. Here are a few more things you can do in order to make sure your fragile goods get to where they need to get to safely and in-tact. Let’s jump right in!

Always wrap your items

Regardless of what kind of packing materials you’re using – bubble wrap, chips, newspaper or whatever – make sure that you wrap your item before you put it in the box. This simply adds a second layer of protection. The one caveat we’ll put out there is that if the object has jagged or sharp edges, make sure you wrap those individually and be sure to not wrap them too tightly. That could damage your item further if something goes wrong. 

Don’t leave room in the box

Pack your items tight. The more space there is to move around in the box, the more likely it’ll break. Be very liberal with the amount of packing peanuts/materials you use. While you pack the item, have someone hold it straight up so you get the needed materials all around it so it’s in its box nice and snug. Like we said – it might seem like you’re overdoing it by going nuts on packing materials but trust us when we tell you – you’re not.

Mark it as fragile

Seems pretty darn obvious, right? Well, you’d be surprised. Just because you tell the guy at the courier service that it’s fragile and just because you know its fragile doesn’t mean the next guy handling it knows that. Yes, most courier services worth their salt can, should and likely will label it for you, but don’t take that risk. Label it yourself. If you want to make sure it gets noticed, buy a bright colored (red) tape for the label. That way, it’ll be more likely to get noticed. 

Hopefully these extra tips will help take the edge off when it comes to shipping your fragile items. While it might seem like a no-brainer, every little extra thing you do goes a long way towards making sure that your item arrives at its destination in its intended state. Not doing so, can elevate the risk. Good luck!

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