The core four courier services

Every courier company is a little bit different. Some are bigger box, catch-all delivery services while others cater to a specific niche like medical services, refrigerated deliveries, warehousing, etc. 

Today, we’re going to discuss the basic core services most every courier service offers. Sometimes a back to the basics is in order- and if you’re someone who’s new to all of this – we think this should be pretty helpful for you. Let’s jump right in!

Express service

Express service is a lightning quick shipping option. This is essentially a ‘within 24 hours’ service. Depending on the size and the scope of the company that you’re working with – they may even include quick service continentally or even globally. Long story, short – if you need to get something from A to B as directly as possible – this is the service you’ll want to choose. 

Standard courier service

Standard courier service isn’t that unlike traditional mail delivery. You have a package, you pay a nominal fee to have it delivered, are given a time frame and the package is handled and delivered on that date. While this option is the least expensive, it is certainly slower than some of the other options available to you. Estimated times of delivery can vary depending on the route the delivery drivers are taking. 

Same day courier services

We’ve written entire blogs on same-day in the past but if you have a genuine sense of urgency – like we’re talking timely court documents, lab results or an organ transplant – same day makes sure that things get to where they need to be the same day of the booking of the delivery. There is usually a cutoff time each day – and every business is different, so be sure you ask in advance. But so long as the payment has been made by that time, your package will be rushed out the door and will be on its way to the destination as quickly as possible. 

Freight deliveries 

Freight can really vary in terms of size, scope, cost – and a whole range of other factors but it essentially includes big things. Or bulk shipments. Or anything that needs something big to move said other big thing. Whether you need a truckload or a less than truckload – you can find a truck or van that fits your needs. So if it’s a giant delivery- freight is going to be the way you want to go. 

So there you have it – the core four, if you will – of courier services. If you’re ever in the St Petersburg or Tampa Bay area and need to have your items shipped, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!

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