The different kinds of couriers

Folks might not realize it, but there’s actually a whole range of couriers in the world. Some are very general in nature, handling mostly mail and standard packages. Some are specific to a field – like medicine, high value deliveries and the like. At the end of the day – the kind of courier you’re trying to hire depends largely on what you’re trying to ship. 

Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the different kinds of courier services out there and hopefully you’ll find one that best suits your needs. Let’s jump right in. 

Medical couriers

Medical couriers primarily deliver time-sensitive medical supplies. Things like lab samples, specimens, records, tests, images and sometimes even organs. With medical couriers, speed is more often than not the name of the game. These couriers are also trained very differently from other couriers in the field. They need to pay special attention to things like temperature, package checks, confidentiality and the like. 

Courier services

Courier services handle bigger, but less time-sensitive items. They’re mostly handling things that are bulky or heavy – and focus primarily on express and door-to-door delivery options. While they can be time-sensitive, more often than not, speed isn’t the name of the game, but care and attention to detail is. If you purchase a statue, or something that’s expensive – chances are a courier service will be delivering it. 

Courier delivery services

This is the kind of courier that most people think of. They’re an alternative to the post office, and they have set routes or can even have specialized routes for deliveries. They deliver traditional goods and items, but with a more customer-facing approach. Many of these couriers work once the order is placed. 

International delivery

International couriers deliver goods all over the world. Generally, they’re similar to courier services in that they ship mostly high-value items, but do so internationally. International shipments are a struggle when it comes to keeping them both dependable and affordable and international couriers offer customers both options. They’ll also help handle a lot of the hidden obstacles in international delivery – like customs fees and the like. 

Hopefully you found today’s blog informative. If you’re in the market for a Tampa courier service, let us know and reach out today! Until then – good luck!

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