The essential characteristics of a good medical courier service

Whenever you need a medical delivery, it’s not simply a delivery – it’s impacting someone’s or your own health. In many cases, medical services or private clients need things and they need them fast. Unfortunately that’s sometimes easier said than done. 

Courier services are like any other business. Some have specialties and others don’t. When it comes to medical deliveries, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a medical courier. It might run you a little more money – but trust us when we tell you it’s worth it – especially when there’s something at stake. 

Here are some things you should consider when choosing one. 


This should go without saying but there are certainly times where time is absolutely everything in the medical field. There’s no room for error, being late or getting the package to the wrong place. The best medical couriers will have optimized routes to quick and efficient deliveries. Make sure you ask them about their on-time rate and how they guarantee it. 


In addition to running more efficient routes every good medical courier should have the technology to allow you to track the package in real-time and send you real-time updates as to delivery completion and other milestones so you know exactly where your delivery is at all times. 

Additionally – make sure your courier runs nights and weekends. This isn’t a ‘put it on in the morning and take it off before you go to bed at night’ industry. Some patients simply can’t wait until Monday. Make sure any medical courier worth their salt has deliveries on nights and on weekends. 

Safety and discretion

Medical couriers should all be trained in HIPAA regulations as well as be properly trained in all the precautions that must be undertaken in order to ensure a successful medical delivery. Ask these companies what their certifications are. Not only is handling a package safely important, but so is protecting your patient’s right to privacy and confidentiality. 

Some other odds and ends include making sure they have insurance, that they have experience handling specimens and blood. Some couriers are even specialists within a certain specialty; so be sure to know what they’re best at. 

Hopefully this blog was helpful in terms of giving you a better understanding of what to expect from a medical service courier. If you need help or direction, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!

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