Things every healthcare service provider should know about a medical courier service

If you’re a medical service provider, you’ve got plenty of things to think about. There’s patient care, staffing, compliance, finance and risk quite literally everywhere. Making sure supplies, materials and deliveries are made on time and the right way not only should be something that’s the least of your worries – but something that’s a given. 

Unfortunately – that’s not always the case. 

Today, we’re going to discuss the things you as a service provider – should make sure that your courier/delivery provider has and does in order to receive the quality of service that you’re owed. Let’s jump right in!

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA can create some obstacles sometimes, but it’s there for a reason and you have to follow the law to the letter – and so does your delivery service provider. Make sure that any courier service you hire is HIPAA compliant and that their staff is not only trained – but also certified. Any breach of HIPAA laws intentionally, unintentionally or otherwise, can lead to considerable fines and even prosecution – so make sure your courier service is compliant.

Proper equipment

Medical deliveries aren’t just any other delivery. Time and quality of delivery can mean the difference in life or death in some cases. As such, you should make sure your medical courier service has the right equipment for whatever jobs are necessary. That means vehicles are up to date, accessories are inspected frequently and are in good working order and that everything is sanitized and considered ‘safe’ before leaving for its destination. 


Like we said above – time and quality of delivery can be the difference between life and death. Urgent and punctual delivery is a must. Not only should your courier service have a proven track record of being on-time; but you should also be able to track them to make sure you know where they are to the minute. This will not only help give you peace of mind, but minimize the chance of potential errors. 

Experience and expertise

Medical couriers are a very particular thing and not all courier services are created equal. They all have different specialities. Even some of the best courier services might be lagging behind in one particular area – which is OK! Just make sure the company you decide to partner with, are experts in healthcare delivery.

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