What happens when you have an emergency delivery?

As business owners we all like to think we’re fairly organized and prepared so that even if the worst happens, we’ll be able to adjust and think on our feet. The truth is, when you run a business you know that at some point – you’re going to get hit with some sort of heat seeking missile. Something that comes out of the blue that you couldn’t fathom and the only choice you’ll have is to figure it out on the run. 

And that’s what we’re here to discuss today. Who do you call with a delivery emergency? How do you handle something when minutes, seconds and precision really matters? Here are some reasons why when it comes to emergency deliveries, hiring a courier service is the way to go. Let’s jump right in!

24/7 service

Here’s the obvious about emergency deliveries. Not only is said emergency going to be 100% awful, it’s also going to be at the worst possible time because it always is! It’ll happen after hours, overnight, on the weekends or even during a holiday. And when that worst time comes, you’ll need someone who’s there around the clock to help peel you off the deck. 

Courier services operate 24-7 so when you need them, they’re a call way. No answering service or phone trees. Just a person who can help you and will know how to manage the details of your delivery right there, on the spot. 

Experienced drivers

Courier services are a little psychotic when it comes to hiring their drivers. They often certify them, re-certify them and then get them a certification for both. Particularly if you’re dealing with a medical courier – there’s a lot of risk in that kind of a business, so being 100% accurate and on the money at all times is not just a key component of any courier service, but when it specifically comes to smaller courier companies – their entire livelihood depends on it!

Getting out of town

Courier Services tend to be pretty hardcore about getting their customers’ packages from A to B, even if that means going out of town. Traditional services often have multiple cooks in the kitchen with hand offs, drop points and the like and just like you’d assume – when there’s too many cooks in the kitchen, food can get burned. Courier service drivers eliminate middle men and stop offs and run direct A to B hits out of town so that your package goes with the same guy who really knows what they’re doing directly to where they’re supposed to go. Especially if what you’re shipping is sensitive, this can be a huge weight off your shoulders. 

If you’re looking for a Tampa courier service, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help you. Hopefully you found today’s tips helpful and we can help you with your next emergency delivery. Until then – good luck!

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