What to do when everything goes wrong

Running a business is a lot of work and some even joke that you only really spend 20% of the time actually doing what you’re there to do. There’s paperwork to be done, invoices to be collected, staff to manage and as anyone who runs a business will tell you – fires to put out every single day. 

In fact, there are times where it feels like you can do everything right; like absolutely EVERYTHING right – and something still finds a way to go wrong! Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about that. Sometimes even the best planned deliveries go awry and when they do, you’ll need someone there to help you pivot and try to correct the issue as quickly as possible. Here are some of the ways we can help when things go south. Let’s jump right in!

Something happens

Let’s say a business goes late with a client or underestimates  how long it’s going to take them to actually put their package together. Maybe they missed their pickup time. Or even worse – maybe the delivery driver was the one who missed the pickup. When that happens – there’s a few ways we can help. 

First thing you do:

Give us a call

If your package has to go interstate we can help deliver your package to the originally intended delivery service to get the package back on track. There are some FedEx and UPS facilities that DO accept late drop-offs, so we can pick up your package ASAP and rush it to the closest facility that accepts those late drop offs. In extreme cases – we could even push the package to the airport to meet their drop dead time – but look – we don’t recommend this – it’s less likely we can get there on time. 

On the other hand

If your package needs to be delivered in state – we can get your package as soon as you need us to and we can get it there as soon as possible – even if it’s outside of regular business hours. For example, some loan documents require signatures but they miss the cutoff time for normal delivery services. These folks can charge fees if a package is late – and we can help bail you out by delivering off hours. 

So the next time you’re late or something goes awry – give us a call and we’ll be happy to try to help you out. That way you can rest assured that although things might not go perfectly – your delivery will be made on time and to your specifications. Until then – good luck!

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