When it makes more sense to use a courier over the postal service

Look, we’re not here to push you in a particular direction! The US postal service is great. They’re reliable, affordable, all of that. But when it comes to shipping certain things, sometimes it’s better to use a courier service. 

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the scenarios where it makes the most sense to go with a company like ours, versus the local post office. Let’s jump right in. 

When you need precision

This isn’t the case with every delivery – but there are some where the exact time and destination needs to be perfect. Maybe that’s something like an organ being delivered, a sensitive court document or something that’s a high priority. The great thing about a courier service is you can choose on-time delivery – where you can literally pick both the pickup and the drop off time. IN addition you’ll be able to track it so you can rest assured that your important items are getting from point A to point B exactly when they need to be. 


Particularly when it comes to local deliveries, there’s just no competition. Couriers can get things from A to B quickly. Some are even deployed for single, dedicated deliveries meaning they’re going out with your package to deliver only your package. So when the seconds matter and time is of the essence, pick up a phone and call your local courier. 

Unusual delivery days

There are days where the post office doesn’t make deliveries. That’s not the case with a courier service. In fact, some courier services can deliver on the weekends, specifically Sundays and even on holidays. YOu’ll never know when you need to ship something and during those unorthodox times, courier services can help you out. 


The US postal service largely charges for services based on the weight of your package. At most courier services – it’s actually the distance the package has to travel. Particularly if you’re in a rush AND on a budget- hiring a courier service can be a great way to ensure your delivery gets to where it needs to get to. 

Every courier service is different and to be more precise – they aren’t created  equal. Some have actual specialties like being medical service couriers, for example. So be sure you talk to your local Tampa Courier service and get an idea of what they do best. If you’re looking for help delivering your next package and you find yourself in one of these predicaments – give us a call! Until then – good luck!

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