Why choosing the right courier service is so important

We all work under pressure, especially in such unique times such as these. What was that line from the movie Any Given Sunday? “Life’s a game of inches. An inch over here or over there, you don’t quite make it.” And in our business – and perhaps even yours – those inches are all around you. And they count. 

A delay or a missed delivery can cause lasting consequences for your company. We work under that pressure every day and today, that’s what we’re going to discuss. When you’re on a deadline for that make or break project or even someone’s life is on the line – are you prepared? Do you trust your courier service to deliver? Because not doing your homework can have consequences. We’re not usually this dark, but depending on your business, this is a significant decision and a lot is at stake. 

Here are some of the consequences of not doing your homework and ending up with an unreliable courier service. 


Pharmacies provide essential medications – both in emergency situations and long-term care situations. They supply hospitals as well as individual patients. Pharmacies can’t afford delays when someone’s health is on the line. If the courier service is late – or even wrong – it becomes impossible for the doctors to do their job. At best, that’s an inconvenience – at worst, possibly life-threatening. 


Whether it’s blood work for a patient or soil tests for an ecosystem, lab samples remain accurate for only a short period of time. They need to be rushed to the lab before the sample quality deteriorates. Delays because of poor courier service can degrade samples, produce inaccurate lab results – the consequences of which could be far-reaching; whether that’s exposing a community to toxins, illnesses or something worse. 


Not everyone lives in a world where courier services can save lives, but they sure can help you save business. Say you’ve spent hours on a bid for a project that could sustain your business for months – even years. Bids have cut-off times and dates. If you don’t get it there before the deadline, you’re out of luck and all that work means nothing. Why put something like that at risk – perhaps even the survival of your company – with a courier service that doesn’t get results?

At the end of the day – companies like ours have multi-check systems that guarantee on-time delivery with accuracy. We’re trusted by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Be sure that before you choose someone, you’re doing your homework – because not doing so as you can see above – can be indescribably costly. Be safe and choose wisely. Good luck!

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